Pavailler is a historical company with a real past. In 1946, a self-taught engineer, Mr. Louis Pavailler, decided to transfer his company to Valence. As a central heating installer in Lamastre, he decided in 1958 to design the very first French recycling oven. This was the beginning of a story. In 1969, the company grew, and he created a real sales and after-sales network. Today, as a specialist in baking, we manufacture a complete range of ovens: deck ovens, rack ovens, ventilated ovens or modular ovens, in order to be able to adapt to the constraints of our customers.

Our range of products
Pavailler Electric compact deck ovens ONYX
Achat Pavailler Electric compact deck ovens ONYX

Electric compact deck ovens ONYX

This baker's and pastry oven is one of the most compact on the market. It combines versatility and power for accelerated baking.

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Pavailler Opale Touch
Achat Pavailler Opale Touch

Opale Touch

This built-in deck oven is an expert at traditional deck baking with perfect heat distribution.

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Pavailler ONYX FIT
Achat Pavailler ONYX FIT


A true ultra-compact baker's oven, it has the power and responsiveness of a standard-sized deck oven.

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Pavailler Emeraude
Achat Pavailler Emeraude


Assembling three levels in ring-tube technology and an electric level, it will seduce you when baking breads requiring different temperatures at the same time.

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Pavailler Jade Style
Achat Pavailler Jade Style

Jade Style

This oven allows you to bake your bakery and pastry products while reducing your energy bills and saving space thanks to its 3 built-in sides.

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Pavailler Topaze style and Ruby style combination oven
Achat Pavailler Topaze style and Ruby style combination oven

Topaze style and Ruby style combination oven

Convection ovens TOPAZE Style combined with modular electrical deck ovens RUBIS Style is a concentration of Pavailler's finest products, bringing you even more versatility.

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Pavailler Topaze Opéra
Achat Pavailler Topaze Opéra

Topaze Opéra

Expert as a pastry oven with its Fine crust system and easy-touch control, it will adapt to the baking of your pastries and the most delicate products such as macaroons, meringue or choux pastry.

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Pavailler Cristal
Achat Pavailler Cristal


The homogeneity of the hot air circulation associated with the rotation movement of the cart, gives the oven an excellent quality and regularity of baking, for all types of production: fresh, raw, frozen and frozen precooked.

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Pavailler R10
Achat Pavailler R10


This Pavailler rotary rack oven covers your large productions thanks to a hot air flow generated by a 500mm diameter turbine.

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Pavailler Electric modular oven Rubis TOUCH
Achat Pavailler Electric modular oven Rubis TOUCH

Electric modular oven Rubis TOUCH

Compact, quick to install and versatile, it combines high temperatures for pizza, precision for pastry and efficiency for bakery.

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Pavailler Topaze style L15
Achat Pavailler Topaze style L15

Topaze style L15

The TOPAZE Style L15 is a versatile ventilated oven. Equipped as standard with a steam injection system, they allow you to perfectly bake your baked goods as well as your pastries. The excellent air flow between the 4, 10 or 15 levels allows your baguettes or viennoiseries to develop fully and to guarantee a homogeneous baking in the whole baking chamber.

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