A implementation bakery layout according to your needs!

We have created a bakery configurator, which allows us to propose implementations according to your needs. After many months of research, we have selected for you, according to the characteristics of your premises, your desires and needs, certain layouts, in order to give you ideas and design your project perfectly. So don't wait any longer, discover your future bakery!

I discover the implementation of my bakery!

Certified equipment

In 1994, Bertrand Puma launched his first Fermentolevain®, reproducing the natural bread-making process. This invention allows us to think differently about taste and flavors and was awarded the innovation trophy at the Europain trade show. The Fermentolevain has now become part of history, making it possible to resist the standardization of taste and to highlight the true know-how of bakers.

The Divitrad and the Divitrad Compact have obtained the "Lempa Quality" approval. These  squared-tank hydraulic divider, capable of dividing the dough into 20 equal pieces, have low flour emissions. To go even further, we have designed an anti-flour projection device thanks to a dust collection seal along the whole length of the bowl.

Just like the Divitrad Compact, the Equinoxe and Equinoxe Compact have also obtained the "Lempa Quality" approval, certifying a low flour emission. You can therefore preserve your health, while choosing the most compact divider on the market: Equinoxe hydraulic divider, or a Divitrad former divider.

A network of certified distributors

In order to answer all your requests, we have 35 technical stations, that is more than 900 technicians. In order for our technicians to be true specialists of our brand, we have selected 13 authorized distributors in France, and more than a dozen are being trained worldwide.

SOMAB est présent dans le Calvados (14). 

Tél : 02 31 08 24 51

Email : somab.sas@wanadoo.fr

Solution Boul Pat est présent dans le Var (83)

Tél : 04 94 17 93 34

Email : contact@solution-boul-pat.fr

Rolo est présent dans le Loiret (45).

Tél : 02 38 63 55 61

Email : rolo@wanadoo.fr

Froid Fermentation Fournil est présent dans le Cher (18).

Tél : 06 80 67 53 26

Email : philippe3f@orange.fr

CFME est présente dans la Nièvre (58).

Tél : 03 86 38 25 63


ASF est présent en Cote d'armor (22).

Tél : 02 96 91 52 75

Email : armorservicefournil@gmail.com

Applic Froid est présent en Ille-et-Vilaine (35)

Tél : 02 99 96 32 03

Email : accueil@applic-froid.fr

AME sont présents en Corse

Tél : 06 74 78 34 01

Labo 16 est présent en Charente (16)

Tél : 05 45 67 76 32


EDBP est présent en Dordogne (24)

Tél : 09 74 56 71 16

Email : contact@edbp-marcetfils.fr

Prêt à brancher est présent en Indre et Loire

Tél : 02 47 44 71 48

MSM est présent en Gironde

Clean Fournil Equipement est présent dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Tél : 05 59 12 08 86