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A pastry laboratory requires a precise expertise: it must be in a place that can be air-conditioned, without a heat source, and with many essential equipments. It can accompany a bakery, or be a space on its own. Discover the equipment needed to open a pastry shop and the type of implementation possible to create the pastry shop of your dreams.

You want to realize a project with a complete pastry laboratory? Discover the implementation that we have imagined for a project like yours. 

Discover the implementation of a harmonious bakery-pastry shop, in an area that may seem complex.

Having a space dedicated to pastry is important in a bakery and snacking project. Discover this complete laboratory.

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A ready-to-use artisanal pastry creation!

Specializing in pastry requires professional pastry equipment of good quality, and an exemplary way of going forward so as not to spread yourself too thin. On the left side of the laboratory we have a pastry corner, allowing to realize in all tranquillity its pie crust thanks to the dough sheeters and the numerous refrigerated worktables. In the middle, we find a deep freezer-conserver, essential to lower the temperature of your cakes or chocolates, and to preserve them. The central island made with refrigerated worktables creates a friendly atmosphere for your team and allows you to work close to the others equipments. For example, it is very easy to turn around to put directly in the electric convection oven or in the controlled fermentation cabinets. There is plenty of storage space available, so you never run out of room.


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1. Continuous flow water chillers

2. Dough sheeters range Stratus

3. Refrigerated worktables

4. Deep freezers – conservers

5. Planetary mixers EBM

6. Electric convection oven Topaze

7. Retarder Proofer Cabinets

8. Positive conservation chambers

9. Refrigerated worktables to garnish

10. Slow proofing

11. Spiral mixers with fixed head

12. Divider Equinoxe

13. Roller Nova Soft

14. Electric deck ovens OPALE

A bakery - pastry shop in harmony


You have a project mixing bakery, creation of a pastry shop, and viennoiserie, but you think that your local is too small, or not adapted? Our experience allows us to carry out your projects, in (almost) all the places. We took advantage of a room with a difficult configuration to place the pastry shop away from the heat of the bakery. The necessary pastry equipment is installed there, such as a dough sheeters, a controlled fermentation chamber, and a small mixer for creams. The refrigerated wortkable is placed under the window in order to bring natural light to the room and to stay close to the customers. The ventilated oven is placed in front of the store, accessible to the saleswomen, in a warm space with the other deck oven.


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1. Dough sheeters

2. Refrigerated worktables

3. Planetary mixers EBM

4. Positive conservation Cabinets

5. electric convection oven Topaze

6. Electric deck ovens OPALE

7.Retarder Proofer Cabinets

8. Intermediate proofers Eclipse

9. Oblique Moulders 2000

10. Equinoxe compact

11. Spiral mixers with fixed head

12. Continuous flow water chillers

13. Negative conservation chambers

14. Positive conservation chambers

15. Retarder proofer chambers

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In a multi-product project, it is more clever to separate the equipment needed to open a pastry shop, and that for the snacking and bakery. Here, the snacking and bakery part are on the first floor, in order to be able to easily supply the shop window. The pastry shop is upstairs, requiring little restocking throughout the day. Large storage areas are available to allow for the production of a large number of cakes. The retarder proofing cabinet is placed in front of the electric convection oven: it is easier to put your products directly into the oven by turning around, than by having to move around the laboratory. Finally, the finished products can be put on the elevator to go directly to the store. Everything has been thought of to make your work easier!



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14. Negative conservation chambers

15. Positive conservation chambers

16. Refrigerated worktables

17. Dough sheeters range Stratus

18. Planetary mixers EBM

19. Electric convection ovens Topaze

20. Retarder Proofer Cabinets

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