When designing the Opale deck oven, we made sure that it was easy to use while achieving perfect baking of all your products:

- Ergonomics and userfriendliness : Column with the indicators of baking inclined towards the user to facilitate the reading.

- Design and High-quality finishes: the finishes are robust and high quality, the angles have been studied to avoid corners that are difficult to clean

- Energy saving:  A programmable automaton manages the energy savings by optimizing the heating period of each deck and of the steam generator. This regulation system allows the optimization of the total power of the oven, while still maintaining an excellent reactivity at each level. 

- Steam production: The steam generator, placed in the lower part of the oven, is heated by 3 reinforced and airtight stainless steel resistors that guarantee an important and sufficient overproduction of steam in order to follow the most intensive paces. 

- Easy-touch control: A new, modern and intuitive control system makes it easy to regulate your bread baking. It combines a recipe book, access to an economic mode for your electricity consumption, and easy adjustment.

- Easy maintenance: The design allow an easy cleaning in the angles and the table’s design allows for an easier maintenance of the oven.

- Small size: Important baking surface for a little surface on the ground flour.

- Personalized adjustment of each deck: you can independently adjust the temperature of the bottom and the top of the deck and the operation of the steam generator according to each deck.

- Energy saving : the very good insulation of the oven, both on the outside and between the deck, allows to limit the limited heat losses

The range:

The Opale Touch oven is ideal for traditional deck baking, thanks to a perfectly even distribution of heat in the baking chambers and the separate adjustment of deck and top temperatures.
Versatile, it will be the ally of all your products, even the most refined.

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