The Emerald bi-energy deck oven is an assembly of three levels in ring-tube technology and an electric level. This versatile baker's oven will seduce you when baking breads requiring different temperatures at the same time.

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- Flexible and efficient baking: Thanks to a reinforced insulation between the electric and annular tube decks, the simultaneous baking of breads needing different temperatures becomes child’s play. The electric deck’s quick rise to the setpoint temperature enables the replenishment during the day in order to meet the demand and satisfy the clientele, and this, without needing the use of the other three annular tube decks.

- Personalized adjustment of each stage: you can independently adjust the temperature of the bottom and the top and the operation of the steam device according to each stage.

- Energy saving : Very good insulation of the oven, outside as well as between the decks for limited heat losses and energy savings. - Robustness: front panel entirely made of brushed stainless steel and protected glass joints on each floor

The Emeraude oven allows you to bake a wide range of products with precision thanks to its annular tube decks. It also has an electric deck and other features:

- New timers : 4 seperate timers for each level to ensure a better visibility of the baking - Design and quality finishing: the finishes are robust and careful finishing, the angles have been studied to avoid corners that are difficult to clean

- Ergonomics and comfort of use: the ergonomic handles with hub cap and the magnetic blade of scarification make the oven easy to handle

- Energy saving: The independence of the electric deck, as well as the flexibility of each area, ensures a control of the energy consumption.

Emeraude Range The Emeraude is the ultimate versatile oven. Thanks to the combination of three annular tube decks and one electric deck, it offers an easy and adjusted baking under any circumstances. The Emeraude will satisfy you for your important batches as well as your baking during the day 

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