Rotary rack ovens

Pavailler rotary rack ovens are designed for all types of production: fresh, raw, frozen, and pre-cooked frozen. The baking of your breads or pastries will be regular and of high quality thanks to the homogeneity of the hot air circulation and the rotation of the rack. This baker's oven is available in 3 versions: oil oven, gas oven and electric rotary oven.

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Rotary rack ovens Cristal
Achat Rotary rack ovens Cristal


This rotary rack oven is designed for bakery and pastry products. The homogeneous circulation of hot air, combined with the rotating movement of the rack, gives the oven excellent baking quality and consistency, for all types of production: fresh, raw, frozen and pre-baked frozen.

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Rotary rack ovens R10
Achat Rotary rack ovens R10


This Pavailler rotary rack oven covers your large productions thanks to a hot air flow generated by a 500mm diameter turbine. It is also available in 3 versions: gas oven, oil oven, and electric oven.

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