Deck Oven

Pavailler deck ovens are true specialists in baking your bakery, pastry and snack products. As an expert in bakery equipment, Pavailler has worked on a wide range of bakery ovens to meet your needs and problems. Compact electric ovens are perfect for small bakeries, as they can be built in on all three sides. Gas ovens allow perfect baking of your breads while reducing your energy bills.

Our range of products
Deck Oven Onyx FIT
Achat Deck Oven Onyx FIT

Onyx FIT

This ultra-compact oven is Pavailler's latest addition. A true baker's oven, with the power and responsiveness of a standard-sized deck oven, ONYX FIT makes no concessions on performance!

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Deck Oven Onyx
Achat Deck Oven Onyx


The Onyx electric deck oven is one of the most compact on the market. This oven for bakers and pastry cooks combines versatility and power for accelerated baking. The maintenance is done from the front giving the possibility to this oven to be built in on 3 sides in order to fit in the smallest bakeries.

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Achat Deck Oven OPALE TOUCH


The Opale Touch electric deck oven is an expert in traditional deck baking. This true baker's oven distributes heat evenly. Versatile, it will be your ally for all your products, even the most refined.

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Achat Deck Oven EMERAUDE


The Emerald bi-energy deck oven is an assembly of three levels in ring-tube technology and an electric level. This versatile baker's oven will seduce you when baking breads requiring different temperatures at the same time.

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Deck Oven Jade Style
Achat Deck Oven Jade Style

Jade Style

This oven allows you to cook your bakery and pastry products. This gas or oil oven system allows you to reduce your energy bills and save space thanks to its 3 sides.

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