This Pavailler rotary rack oven covers your large productions thanks to a hot air flow generated by a 500mm diameter turbine. It is also available in 3 versions: gas oven, oil oven, and electric oven.

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- Consistency: The regular flow of hot air combined with rotation of the rack offers excellent quality and even baking for all types of products: fresh, raw, frozen and frozen pre-cooked.

- Efficient: The excellent energy efficiency of R10 ovens makes them ideal for intensive production, as well as extreme conditions of use.

- Safety: Decompression tube to balance pressure in the baking chamber for user safety.

- Sturdiness: interior structure, front, hood and door in stainless steel and double glazing of the door in tempered glass

- Temperature regulation : Temperature is controlled by an electronic digital display regulator and probe. To deal with all situations, the oven is fitted with a second safety probe as standard.

- Steam generation system: Steam is produced by water injection over a set of metal elements heated by the hot air flow. The water injection time is programmed by a timer on the control panel.

- Electronic control panel: the panel is located on the left side of the front panel and contains all the controls with digital display. Each element of this panel can be changed separately.

- Ergonomics and comfort of use: a sloping retractable plane for easy insertion of the rack.

- Easy cleaning: the interior glazed door is opened without a tool, allowing in-depth cleaning and the smooth surfaces have very few asperities.

R10 ovens are rotary rack ovens designed for baking and pastry-making applications. R10 rack ovens are available in 3 versions, depending on the energy used:

R14 Fuel

R15 Gas

R16 Electricity

These are available in two models, depending on the rack driving mechanism:

- R10X: the rack is suspended to a driving disc. The adapted baking trays have the following formats: 750×900, 800×1000 or 650×1100 for baking capacity of 216 to 288 units of 250g depending on the dimensions chosen.

- R10K: The rack is placed in a squirrel cage for its rotation. The adapted baking trays have the following formats: 750×900 (*) to bake 216 baguettes of 250g.

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