CFI is a specialist brand thanks to the quality of its products, and a CFI for climate program, respectful of the environment. Responsibility, adaptability, and refrigeration performance are the key words of this French company. Product preservation, deep-freezing and fermentation are today CFI's fields of expertise. Always on the lookout for the latest innovations, we make sure that our equipment respects your products, facilitates your work, while being simple to use. It is with this in mind that the C-touch control system was designed, allowing you to set all your parameters with a single touch.

Our range of products
CFI Retarder proofer chambers
Achat CFI Retarder proofer chambers

Retarder proofer chambers

Get a regular growth of your rack productions while controlling your energy consumption and fermentation parameters.

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CFI Slow proofing
Achat CFI Slow proofing

Slow proofing

This chamber allows a regular growth of your large productions in trolleys, respecting the dough thanks to its double flow ventilation system

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CFI Retarder proofer cabinets
Achat CFI Retarder proofer cabinets

Retarder proofer cabinets

Thanks to the C-touch control, you can perfectly control the proofing parameters to obtain a perfect growth of your products. 

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CFI Slow proofing cabinets Cocoon
Achat CFI Slow proofing cabinets Cocoon

Slow proofing cabinets Cocoon

This cabinet ensures a good development of the aromas and a better conservation of the bread for the processes of slow growth or cold dough.

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CFI Refrigerated wortables
Achat CFI Refrigerated wortables

Refrigerated wortables

These refrigerated worktables, intended for positive conservation, can be customized according to your needs.

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CFI Pastry cabinets
Achat CFI Pastry cabinets

Pastry cabinets

These cabinets, which can be equipped with an optional glass door, allow you to preserve your fine pastries with toppings or glazes, thanks to the soft ventilation.

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CFI Positive conservation cabinets
Achat CFI Positive conservation cabinets

Positive conservation cabinets

This cabinet ensures the conservation of your pastry products, finished and semi-finished, from -2°C to +8°C, and distributes in a homogeneous way the air inside the cell.

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CFI Positive conservation chambers
Achat CFI Positive conservation chambers

Positive conservation chambers

This chamber, intended for the conservation at +2°C of the products, can be equipped with shelving or receive storage rack.

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CFI Negative conservation cabinets
Achat CFI Negative conservation cabinets

Negative conservation cabinets

Designed to receive plates, this cabinet keeps your products already at negative temperature between -25°C and -18°C.

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CFI Negative conservation chambers
Achat CFI Negative conservation chambers

Negative conservation chambers

Store your bakery products at -20°C, on shelves or on storage racks.

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CFI Negative conservation units
Achat CFI Negative conservation units

Negative conservation units

The reinforced insulation allows you to keep your products at -20°C on plates or grids while reducing your energy consumption

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CFI Deep freezers - conservers
Achat CFI Deep freezers - conservers

Deep freezers - conservers

Versatile, it allows to freeze at -38°C and to conserve at -20°C in a 3,4,6,8 or 10 doors conservation cabinet.

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CFI Blast freezing cabinets
Achat CFI Blast freezing cabinets

Blast freezing cabinets

You can choose between 2 types of cycles, programmed in the freezer: timed freezing cycle or a probe controlled cycle.

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CFI Rack blast freezers
Achat CFI Rack blast freezers

Rack blast freezers

This freezer allows you to quickly refrigerate and freeze your products on a rack before negative storage.

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CFI Continuous flow water chillers
Achat CFI Continuous flow water chillers

Continuous flow water chillers

This water chiller eliminates any risk of bacterial contamination due to stagnant water.

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CFI Accumulation water chillers
Achat CFI Accumulation water chillers

Accumulation water chillers

The water is refrigerated from +18°C to +2°C thanks to a very precise electromechanical control panel.

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CFI Water meters and mixers
Achat CFI Water meters and mixers

Water meters and mixers

The dosing units control the flow of a predefined volume of cold water, and the mixing units control the flow of hot and cold water.

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CFI Chocolate cabinet - CRIOLLA
Achat CFI Chocolate cabinet - CRIOLLA

Chocolate cabinet - CRIOLLA

4 ultra-precise modes to accompany you throughout the chocolate making process, from -18° to +60

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