A semi-industrial bread production factory has very specific constraints: 

Hygiene is preponderant, as much for the equipment as for the implementation or the production organization.

You also need to have automation that matches the production rate you want.

Designing a semi-industrial lab requires solid experience in baking and a detailed knowledge of bread-making processes as well as the constraints of large-scale production.

Example of a semi-industrial bakery

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The semi-industrial allows to combine high speed and craftsmanship. Indeed, in this bakery, we find the spiral mixers (n°2) allowing to obtain a homogeneous dough. The removable bowl mixer (n°4) allows the bowl to be transported to the bowl elevator (n°5). Thus, without any physical effort, the whole of your preparation is transferred into the automatic volumetric dough divider (n°6) . It will allow you to divide your dough according to the weight you wish to obtain at the end. Then, the dough will automatically pass into a belt dough rounder on wheels (n°7), allowing to obtain a worked and smooth dough. In order for the dough to relax, your dough pieces will be placed in the intermediate proofer (n°8), then will be shaped in the oblique moulder (n°9) . This process requires, after adjustment, no human intervention between the hopper weigher and the shaper. Finally, the fermentation chambers (n°12) allow a homogeneous and practical growth thanks to their tunnel design.

For more versatility, Intermediate proofer with integrable moulder (n°10) and a Divitrad (n°11) will allow you to make special breads following a traditional process.

Testimony: Bread and Sharing

The production of good quality bread in large quantities following a traditional recipe is already an achievement in itself. To succeed, as Pain et Partage does, in meeting all the challenges of managing the best quality raw materials, managing the personnel and training people in professional integration and satisfying the customers is a feat. However, Benjamin Borel and his team brilliantly meet all these challenges, always driven by an incredible strength of character based on solidly anchored values.

Pain et Partage is an association that brings together many ambitious missions:

  • Offer artisanal bread to institutions and communities

  • To ensure a quality bread, organic, sourdough, without additives or improvers

  • Using local flour and ingredients and promoting short circuits

  • With manpower in professional insertion

  • Following a mode of associative governance and solidarity

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