This oven with rotating rack is designed for bakery and pastry products. The homogeneity of the hot air circulation associated with the rotation movement of the cart, gives the oven an excellent quality and regularity of baking, for all types of production: fresh, raw, frozen and pre-cooked frozen. It is available in 3 versions: oil oven, gas oven or electric rotary oven.

For the gas and fuel versions, the heat exchanger is in refractory stainless steel.  For the electric version, the exchanger consists of blocks of stainless steel elements.The design and materials of the heat exchanger helps ensure perfectly even baking on all decks of the rack. 

- Temperature regulation : Temperature is controlled by an electronic digital display regulator and probe. To deal with all situations, the oven is fitted with a second safety probe as standard.

- Steam generation system: Steam is produced by water injection over a set of metal elements heated by the hot air flow. The water injection time is programmed by a timer on the control panel.

- Electronic control panel : the new Pro Touch control panel allows you to adjust  the temperature, program 30 recipes, including baking time, steam injection time and hem opening time.

- Ergonomics and comfort of use: A sloping retractable plane for easy insertion of the rack.

- Easy cleaning: The interior glazed door is opened without a tool, allowing in-depth cleaning and easy access to the light fitting in the door.

- Consistency: The regular flow of hot air combined with rotation of the rack offers excellent quality and even baking for all types of products: fresh, raw, frozen and frozen pre-cooked.

- Efficient: The rapid rise in temperature makes it a flexible oven that optimizes production according to sales cycles.

- Safety: the two-phase opening of the door avoids any risk for the user.

- Robustness: interior structure, front, hood and door in stainless steel and triple glazing of the door in tempered glassa

Cristal rack ovens are available in three sizes:

The FM1 for baking trays measuring 400x800mm

The FM2 for baking trays measuring 600x800mm

The FM3 for baking trays measuring 800x1000mm

Each model is available in three versions: Fuel, gas, electricityThe thermal exchanger on the FM1 and FM2 can be placed on the back, to the right or left of the baking chamber. On the FM3, it is always on the back. This «modular» design offers various layout possibilities as the floor space varies according to the chosen configuration (this configuration should be specified when ordering).

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