Frédérick Hwecker, Meilleur ouvrier de France chocolatier confiseur 2011 has built a new laboratory in Châteaurenard. He trusted Pavailler Solution to equip it to make his most beautiful products.

What equipment do you have in your laboratory?

Blast freezing cabinets

deep freezer - conservers

Retarder proofer cabinets

Rubis deck oven

Topaze Opéra electric convection oven

"I'm impressed with the evenness of the convection oven. We had another convection oven before, and we had to turn the trays during baking to get even baking, whereas here we don't have to turn the trays, we really have something even. It's a pleasant surprise! "

How do you use your freezing equipment?

First of all, the deep freezer conserver allows me to freeze my series of cakes and desserts so that they come down quickly in temperature.  We then put all our cakes, finished, and iced in the freezer. The real positive point of this freezer-conserver is that there is no frosting, it is quite regular in cold.

"With these two pieces of freezing equipment, we can produce all day, in shifts, which is very convenient!"

What is the use of a controlled proofing cabinet in a pastry and chocolate laboratory?

I will use this proofing equipment for several things. First of all, I will be able to melt chocolate. I put chocolates in the vault to load the enrober as I go along. This "growing cabinet" will also act as a fridge, which allows us on big weekends to take the cakes out the day before, to bring them up to temperature slowly, in stages, and in the morning they will be ready to be decorated. This prevents them from staying outside, in the heat, and allows us to keep a beautiful icing.

"We can control everything, unlike other proofing equipment. It's more than just a pastry proofing cabinet, it's perfect for this."

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