After sales service

Pavailler Solution's After Sales Service is open all year round, 5 days a week. With years of experience behind them, our expert hotlines answer all technical requests from all over the world! The spare parts store is located in the Pavailler factory in Portes-les-Valence. It contains more than 3600 references, on a surface of more than 2300m². Our objective is to be reactive in all circumstances, in order to help you as soon as possible. So, we send your orders, placed on the PRESTO webshop, the same day (if they are placed before 3pm). Depending on the destination, your commands placed with the bakery service can be delivered the next morning. Speed, agility and responsibility are the key words of the after-sales service of Pavailler Solution.

Contact the after-sales service by e-mail:

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References in the spare parts store


the surface of the store


Order lines processed by the customer support team


Open 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year


Spare parts ordered are dispatched the same day


Noé Bakery - Amsterdam

"Recently we had a problem in Amsterdam with some settings. They couldn't travel, so they had to communicate with the technicians there. In the end, even with the coronavirus, they were able to fix it remotely and very quickly. "

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