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The pavailler's ovent decks declined in "Style" Mode
The ovens of the ranges Opale, Topaze and Ruby are declined today in “Style” mode.

Significant rupture with the preceding design of the ovens, redesigned ranges show a red “Pavailler” signature on an white lacquered, as well as purified volumes intended to facilitate cleaning.

Electric modular deck oven RUBIS STYLE
Electric deck oven OPALE STYLE
Electric rack oven TOPAZE STYLE

Manage easily yout oven with the new control panel "Pro-Touch"
PAVAILLER focuses on equipping its ovens with easy to read and to program control panels. The TOPAZE Style range has therefore been equipped with a new control panel called "Pro-Touch", which does not make exception to this rule.
Extremely user friendly, it allows:

  • to read and regulate the temperatures of cooking, preheats and the time of steam injection.
  • to program 30 receipts by integrating time of cooking, time of steam injection and opening of the “dampers”
  • to display the number of the recipe
  • to adjust recipes

Smooth and easy to clean, the “Pro-Touch” control panel completes the “Style” design of the new Pavailler's ovens.

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