The Onyx electric deck oven is one of the most compact on the market. This oven for bakers and pastry cooks combines versatility and power for accelerated baking. The maintenance is done from the front giving the possibility to this oven to be built in on 3 sides in order to fit in the smallest bakeries.

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Baguettes in express mode: Thanks to the specific conception of the baking chambers, the ONYX oven can bake traditional baguettes in 18 minutes.You will gain up to 2 hours of baking time a day ! But also 2 hours of electricity consumption.

A real baker's oven: the presence of dampers on each deck, as well as the possibility of partially opening the doors during the baking in order to evacuate the humidity and dry the products, make ONYX particularly well adapted to pastry production. The raised chamber of the last deck can receive the large pieces and gives you even more baking possibilities.

Compactness and Sobriety: ONYX, it’s up to 6,4m² of baking surface for 2,8m² of floor space.  It’s also 80 to 120 baguettes baking at the same time on 5 decks

ONYX is a true Baking Oven, ready to do a series of baking and respond to your needs. It will still find its place inside your bakery thanks to its low volume and its modern design.

The Onyx oven is designed to be easy to use, while being robust:

- Glass panes dismantable without tools: Glass panes frame capable of being disassembled without tools, while being completely waterproof thanks to their profiled seals.

- Energetic fogging device: adapted to a high rate of operation, it diffuses a generous steam according to your needs thanks to its dissociated control between the levels.

- Maintenance access from the front: the electric column is easily unlocked and maintenance is done from the front, allowing the oven to be built in on 3 sides. 

- The integrated elevator is precise and light: its easy guidance and robust locking system allows precise positioning in front of each loading deck.

- Easy-touch control: A new, modern and intuitive control system makes it easy to regulate your bread baking. It combines a recipe book, access to an economic mode for your electricity consumption, and easy adjustment.

Onyx Range Latest born in the compact ovens range, ONYX combines the latest technological developments and innovations steming from in-depth R&D that is highly focused towards future trends. The conception of the baking chambers, as well as the doors, allow an accelerated baking for breads forever more golden and crusty, in order to offer hot bread in record time.  The Onyx line has been expanded to include a new, even more compact oven: the Onyx Fit.

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