The Rubis Touch electric modular oven is compact, quick to install and versatile. A true baker's, pastry and pizza oven, it combines high temperatures, precision and efficiency. Diversify with the Rubis Neo deck oven!

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- Each floor is a real independent oven: it has its own insulation, its own manual oven, its own regulation. This construction makes it possible to imagine an evolution after the purchase with the addition of a module easy and fast to install.

- Versatile oven but specialist thanks to its different floors

- Customizable : Many options are available to adapt your Rubis Neo to the needs of the moment : hood, condenser and trim strip, false cabinet with slides, oven with wheels, oven for bakery deck(s), steam for pastry deck(s)...

The Rubis oven is a versatile oven while being specialized thanks to its 3 modules:

- The Boulanger module: Equipped with a 13mm bottom made of refractory materials, it has been fitted with a new generation of steam device. Well insulated and low energy consumption, it will allow you to bake all types of bread with perfect regularity.

- The pastry module: thanks to its black plate bottom, this module allows you to bake the most demanding and delicate pastry products, whether they are on a baking sheet, circled, light or not. Steam can be added as an option.

- The pizza module: Tested and approved throughout its development by a French Champion in the discipline, the pizza module allows thin or thick doughs (of the "teglia" type) to be cooked on a special hearth.

Modular and scalable, specialized or versatile, the Rubis Touch oven is designed for pastry, bakery, pizza or mixed use (by mixing these three cooking modules at your convenience).

Compact, quick to install, Rubis Touch will find its place in your bakery, laboratory or store, to bake a maximum of products in order to diversify your offer and face the daily challenges.

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