New: Onyx FIT!

Welcome to the latest addition to the Pavailler line, the Onyx Fit! Small but strong, it is ready to compete with its big brother, the Onyx electric deck oven, of which it is very similar.

A compact baker's oven that will fit in any bakery!

It is with great pleasure that the compact range of PAVAILLER electric deck ovens presents the Onyx Fit, its latest model. It is the new pride of the brand with the red arch, whose Opera line is elegantly draped in black, white and red details that are a sensation in bakeries where bread baking is staged in the eyes of customers.

A compact electric deck oven with a large capacity!   

Although this compact oven is smaller than its predecessor in terms of baking surface (4.7 m² vs. 5.13 m² for the 4-deck models), its capacity is still 20 baguettes (depending on the length) per deck and its surface power is even greater (6.2 kW/m² vs. 5.6 kW/m²), making it a real baker's oven with the consistency and sturdiness that are the true hallmarks of the brand's ovens

A compact but powerful deck oven!


Distinguished by its slim size, the Onyx fit is above all the most compact and most powerful oven on the market with its 29.2 kW on 3 m² of floor space which will make it fit in the smallest bakeries while maintaining a production capacity worthy of the biggest ones which can easily go up to 1000 baguettes baked per day. However, it has its own character with its electric hems and door handles located on the same side as the Easy-Touch controls, because it too is left-handed.

Onyx fit is very eager to meet you and to show you that it already has its place in the great PAVAILLER family.