Combination ovens

Pavailler combination ovens are a combination of a fan oven and a deck oven. These versatile ovens allow you to bake different types of products while remaining on compact oven models. With Pavailler ovens, get the best for baking your fine pastries, breads and pizzas while saving space!

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Combination ovens Combination Oven
Achat Combination ovens Combination Oven

Combination Oven

Convection ovens TOPAZE Style combined with modular electrical deck ovens RUBIS Style is a concentrate of Pavailler's finest products. In order to bring you even more versatility and precision, it is possible to link these electric ovens to bake your most delicate pastries and your most delicious pizzas.

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Combination ovens RUBIS TOUCH
Achat Combination ovens RUBIS TOUCH


The Rubis Touch electric modular oven is compact, quick to install and versatile. A true baker's, pastry and pizza oven, it combines high temperatures, precision and efficiency. Diversify with the Rubis Neo deck oven!

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