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The ZIRCO oven adapts to you! It is available in 6 models. From the self-cleaning ventilated oven to the modular deck oven, ZIRCO can meet all your needs. 

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- Self-cleaning: its automatic high-pressure cleaning of the interior of the chamber ensures that the oven is always clean. It only takes 1h20 for a complete cleaning, which uses only 20 to 30 liters of water. 

- Efficient: the ZIRCO oven allows for even cooking thanks to its 10 speeds of rotation; the rapid change of the fan's direction of rotation guarantees uniform and quality cooking at all levels. 

- Compact: ZIRCO, in all its forms, is a shallow oven that fits perfectly into hot spots, bakery lines or any bakery configuration. 

- Robust: the materials have been carefully chosen to meet various criteria such as its robustness. Consequently, ZIRCO is made of stainless steel and the insulation is made of ceramic and rock wool. In addition, the handle is made of low thermal conduction material.

- 3.0: ZIRCO is equipped with the latest technology; its 7" touch control allows you to manage your programs and cooking with ease; recipes are pre-recorded and can be added via USB. 

The ZIRCO combination oven consists of a convection oven with 5 levels, a modular 1-tray deck and a proofer; all designed to accommodate 600x400mm trays.

With its simple and intuitive touch control with up to 99 baking programs, ZIRCO guarantees excellent baking of baked goods and ready-to-bake products. ZIRCO is perfectly cleanable in 1h20 thanks to its automatic high-pressure cleaning system.

The ZIRCO range is infinitely variable to meet everyone's needs. From the self-cleaning 5, 8 or 10 deck convection oven to the 2, 3, 4 or 5 deck deck oven, the ZIRCO oven can be accompanied by a base or a prover, a hood or a condenser.

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