R10 rotating rack oven


R10 range

R10 ovens are rotary rack ovens designed for baking and pastry-making applications. The regular flow of hot air combined with rotation of the rack offers high quality and even baking for all types of products: fresh, raw, frozen and frozen pre-cooked.
The excellent energy efficiency of R10 ovens makes them ideal for intensive production, as well as extreme conditions of use.


Range features

R10 rack ovens are available in 3 versions, depending on the energy used:

  • R14 Fuel
  • R15 Gas
  • R16 Electricity

These are available in two models, depending on the rack driving mechanism:

  1. R10X: the rack is suspended to a driving disc. The adapted baking trays have the following formats: 750×900, 800×1000 or 650×1100 for baking capacity of 216 to 288 units of 250g depending on the dimensions chosen.
  2. R10K: The rack is placed in a squirrel cage for its rotation. The adapted baking trays have the following formats: 750×900 (*) to bake 216 baguettes of 250g.


Yield, reactivity and flexibility

For gas and fuel versions, the heat exchanger is in refractory stainless steel. The triple circulation of combustion gases in the exchanger guarantees excellent yield and very flexible use.

In the electric version, the exchanger consists of 14 elements mounted together to produce exceptional yield and reactivity.

Hot air flow is generated by a 500 diameter turbine located in the upper part. The ceiling of the double-walled baking chamber ensures that this hot air flows towards the chamber in order to obtain perfectly even baking.



Simple and effective controls

The control panel is located on the left of the front of the oven and groups together all digital display controls. Each part of this panel can be changed separately.


Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is provided by a 120 to 180 mm thick layer of glass wool, depending on the thickness of the walls, for enhanced safety and improved energy yield.

The door consists of a rigid 100mm thick stainless-steel structure. Thermal insulation is provided by vertical air circulation (natural convection) completed by 25mm thick glass wool with steam barrier on the inner door.

The high temperature silicone door join ensures an excellent seal on four sides.



Temperature regulation

Le contrôle de la température est assuré par un régulateur électronique à  affichage digital et une sonde. Le four est muni en version standard d’une deuxième sonde de sécurité.


Steam generation system

Steam is produced by water injection over a set of metal elements heated by the hot air flow. The water injection time is programmed by a timer on the control panel.


Security above all things

  • Door factory-fitted with an interior double shock protection ramp and a safety handle.
  • Decompression tube to balance pressure in the baking chamber for user safety.


Rack rotation

  • The rack is raised and lowered automatically during loading and unloading.


Resilience and manufacturing quality

  • interior structure, front, hood and door in stainless steel
  • side and rear doors in pre-lacquered electro-galvanized steel
  • double glazed, tempered glass door
  • Closed in two points by articulated bronze bolt and stainless steel adjustable strike

Ergonomics and comfort of use.

  • The interior glazed door is opened without a tool, allowing in-depth cleaning and easy access to the light fitting in the door.
  • a sloping retractable plane for easy insertion of the rack.
  • Smooth surfaces offering low asperity