Our know-how

PAVAILLER makes sure it has the necessary resources to develop a consistent and future-oriented Research and Development policy: We strive to bring out innovative and approved products in order to remain the world market leader in our field.

PAVAILLER is able to recommend and implement complete and effective solutions throughout the world.

PAVAILLER is the specialist in “Cyclothermic” ovens with over 60 years of experience in this technology.

PAVAILLER is also an expert in rack ovens, small ovens and convection and electric deck ovens.

In all these fields, our company stands out due to the baking quality of our ovens :


  • Regular and consistent baking
  • Durability thanks to an unrivalled product quality
  • Steam production and control which meets the needs of all types of production


Our Objectives

PAVAILLER aims to provide bakers with the most innovative, effective and complete solutions which have been developed to support their specialist skills at the same time as increasing their profitability.

Our ever-increasing experience and know-how mean that our equipment goes hand-in-hand with quality bread.

The quality and choice of our product ranges, our baking experience and our technical support all enable us to provide our customers with effective support at each stage of bread manufacture.

Our teams (customer managers, design department and technicians) are always seeking to respond to developments in the industry: health, ergonomics, energy consumption, internationalization etc. They provide innovation in support of tradition.

Our guiding principles :


  • To ensure the baking profession keeps up with technological and economic developments
  • To react and adapt by making sound strategic decisions
  • To continually innovate and improve our knowledge for the benefit of our partners
  • To make sure our marketing activities are based on sound advice and partnership


Our Product Range

Amongst all the international companies currently active in the industry, PAVAILLER stands out by providing tailor-made solutions, whatever the specific customer requirements may be…

Every week, our expertise and experience provide solutions which not only respond to emerging user needs, but also to changes in our environment.



Our Customer Service

PAVAILLER also provides customer service of the highest quality.

Our Commitment : To ensure the operational reliability of our equipment for optimum profitability. To be more productive with even greater diversification, to save time, to compensate for the shortage of labour and any other professional difficulties which we can help you to resolve.

Our Operations :

Via our distributors, we recommend a maintenance programme (preventive and/or curative) designed to meet individual user needs.


Our network of technicians covers the whole market. They use state-of-the-art maintenance techniques to intervene on behalf of our users. They receive regular training in the installation and maintenance of our equipment.

Using the experience gained over the years, PAVAILLER offers you its unique know-how of baking equipment and processes.

Together we design your bakehouse with the efficiency of your facilities and the quality of your bread-making at the forefront of our minds.

We share our latest ideas and innovations to help our customers gain a competitive edge.