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JADE Style Range

The Jade Style ovens are designed for baking and pastry-making applications, to the exclusion of any other type of use.

3 models are available :

J14 : 1 door per level / 4 levels
J 26 : 2 doors per level / 3 levels
J24 : 2 doors per level  / 4 levels



Puce rouge Construction :
Thermal insulation is ensured by rockwool panels from 100 to 150mm of width according to the walls, for an improved security and an optimal energetic productivity.

Puce rouge An optimal heat exchange :
The refractory stainless steel furnace ensures a perfect heating exchange between the annular tubes and the heating areas.
The device for recycling hot gases, placed in front of each baking area, allows a better exchange and improves the energetic performance.
It also contributes to the excellent homogeneity, in all the baking areas
The rotation of the recycling turbine is assured by a remote-fixation motor, equiped with a dissipation fan and protected by isotherme.

Special features
styleErgonomics and user-friendliness
• Ergonomic handles with hub cap
• Magnet integrated on each side for blades of scarification
• Steam recall button on each side

styleNew timers
4 seperate timers for each level to ensure a better visibility of the baking

styleThe “Style” design
In line with the rest of the range, the hood retains the “Style” red and white design; without folds to avoid the accumulation of dust.

styleQuality finishing
• Robust and careful finishing
• Brushed stainless steel facade
• No recesses difficult to clean
• Smooth surfaces with few asperities