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Onyx range

Latest born in the compact ovens range, ONYX combines the latest technological developments and innovations steming from in-depth R&D that is highly focused towards future trends. The conception of the baking chambers, as well as the doors, allow an accelerated baking for breads forever more golden and crusty, in order to offer hot bread in record time.


Puce rouge Baguettes in express mode :
Thanks to the specific conception of the baking chambers, the ONYX oven can bake traditional baguettes in 18 minutes.
You will gain up to 2 hours of baking time a day ! But also 2 hours of electricity consumption.
Ideal for the restocking during the day, your baguettes are ready in express mode : you will always be ready to serve and satisfy your customers.

Puce rouge A real pastry oven :
The presence of dampers on each deck, as well as the possibility of partially opening the doors during the baking in order to evacuate the humidity and dry the products, make ONYX particularly well adapted to pastry production.
The raised chamber of the last deck can receive the large pieces and gives you even more baking possibilities.

Puce rouge Baking with compactness and sobriety :
If ONYX is a true Baking Oven – ready to do a series of baking and respond to your needs  – it will still find its place inside your bakery thanks to its low volume and its modern design. ONYX, it’s up to 6,4m² of baking surface for 2,8m² of floor space.  It’s also 80 to 120 baguettes baking at the same time on 5 decks, depending on their length. ONYX is a sober oven limited to 30KwH to be compatible with every electricity subscriptions.

Easy Touch control panel

Puce rouge Commande Easy TouchA reliable and intuitive assistant :

A new modern and intuitive control panel for an easy management of the baking of your bread.

The visualisation is immediate and the navigation without complexity, with all the needed parameters at your fingertips to express your know-how at each batch.


Icone "livre de recette" commande Easy TouchThe Recipe Book contains 50 programs that allow you to save your baking parameters and access your favorite recipes in a split second. They can be programed with 5 different temperature stages.
The Eco Mode allows you to lighten your electricity bills without penalizing the baking temperature or the quality of your bread. This energy management method prioritizes the heating requests between the decks, allowing you to make savings and preventing you from exceeding the consumption threshold.
+1In just one tap, you can increase the baking time and adapt to any conditions.


The Expert Mode gives you access to advanced visualisation programs in order to follow your energy consumption, the internal temperatures or the oven technical data.

Vitres démontables - Four OnyxGlass panes dismantable without tools
• Slide without efforts to be removed, cleaned and put back in
• Manufactured in two half-panes, they are not cumbersome and are easy to handle.
• Airtight, they preserve the baking quality
• Thanks to their sealing joints, both hot air and steam stay inside the chamber for an efficient and economical baking.
Rappel buée - Four OnyxEnergetic steam generator
• Generously dimensioned, it spreads steam all day long to give you golden and crusty breads.
• The steam generator has a differentiated controlling to respond immediately to each request, regardless of the concerned deck.
• The steam injection can be done through several spaced out sequences for an optimal spraying.
• Reliable and constant functioning thanks to the protection with an anti-limescale filter cartridge from BRITA.
Accès de maintenance - Four OnyxMaintenance access
• The electrical column is easily unlocked and slides forward to give access to the light bulbs and the control devices.
• The maintenance is accessed from the front, where all the devices are reachable: resistors, probes, steam generator, electrical box…
• The oven is built-in on 3 sides in order to lodge itself into the most confined bakehouses.
Logo hotte - Four OnyxPrecise and light elevator
• Very precise guidance system for a great maneuverability, appreciated by all type of users.
• The bi-lateral locking ensures a precise positioning in front of each loading deck.
• The ergonomic unlocking handle is easy to find and allow the manipulation of the elevator with one hand.
• The ONYX oven can include a scissors elevator with a “half-deck” loader instead of the integrated elevator (paying option).
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