OPALE Style electric deck ovens


Puce rouge Opale Style Range

Opal Style Oven is ideal for a traditional baking on a deck, thanks to a perfectly homogeneous distribution of the heat in each baking room and to the separated setting of the bottom and the top.
Versatile, it will be the ally of your products, even the most refined.


Puce rouge Presentation

Reactivity and energy savings
An automaton programmable manages the energy saves by cyclic rotation during the oven is ON.
This regulation system enables to limit the total power conserving a good reactivity at each floor.
Thermal insulation is ensured by rockwool panels from 100 to 140mm of width according to the walls, for an improved security and an optimal energetic productivity.


Steam production
The steam generator partly based on the inferior part of the oven, is heated by 3 resistance shielded stainless steel. Steam production is important and sufficient to the most intensive rates.


A control panel readable and easy to program
Common operations, as the change and the display of the bottom and top temperature of the floors, are immediately available and easy to program.
And that, thanks to an innovative system of real-time clock with programmable start up which enables an effective management for a deferred baking.


Puce rouge Ergonomics and design

Ergonomics and user-friendliness

  • Column of the indicators of baking inclined towards the user to facilitate the reading
  • On the column the commands are protected by a bar in stainless steel
  • Ergonomics


New regulation

  • Clock with real-time display with start up of bake programmable at HH.MM by 7 days
  • Fast handling
  • Integration of the light command at the regulation


Hood design

  • Opale Style hood’s design has been revised, hood without fold to avoid the accumulation of dust.
  • High-quality finishes


High-quality and robust finishes

  • Brushed stainless steel front
  • New design allows better cleaning in angles
  • Smooth surfaces with few asperities


New design of the oven’s table

Table has been purified and superficial elements have been eliminated to facilitate the oven maintenance.


Puce rouge Advantages

  • Important baking surface for a little surface on the ground floor.
  • Independent regulation of the bottom and the top.
  • Steam generator with independent operation and important steam production.
  • Security thermostat on each floor and on the steam generator.
  • Command ON/OFF to switch off the steam generator.
  • Optimal electric productivity for energy saves.
  • Very good insulation of the oven as well outside as between the decks = limited heat losses = energy saves.
  • Front entirely made of brushed stainless steel.
  • Half way unlocked thanks to the exclusive Pavailler system.
  • Control panel and glass handling on the right or on the left.
  • High output hood extractor (around 1000m3/h).
  • Resistance recessed ensuring an optimal protection against all kinds of shocks.


Puce rouge Specifications

  • Useful width : 850mm for the Y13, Y14 wide version and the Y15.
  • Slot-in on 2 sides, possible on 3 sides if necessary (the maintenance is used to be done by the front side)
  • Decks width 20mm.
  • Worktable in option for the models Y13, Y14, Y15 useful width of 850.