TOPAZE Style electric convection ovens


Puce rouge Area of application

Ovens from the TOPAZE range are designed for use in baking and pastry-making.
The even circulation of hot air gives the ovens from the TOPAZE range an excellent baking quality and consistency for all types of production: fresh, frozen uncooked and frozen precooked.
Ovens from the TOPAZE range can be combined with other models from the PAVAILLER range: the RUBIS Style modular oven.

Puce rouge Presentation

Ovens from the TOPAZE range are electric convection ovens with slide rails.

Topaze StylePuce rouge Features range

Pastry version:

C05 L05 T05 models in 5 plates :

C10 L10 models in 10 plates

Pastry-making versions do not include a steam generator.

Baking version:

C04 L04 T04 models in 4 plates

C08 L08 models in 8 plates

Baking ovens are equipped with a steam generation system.

The different sizes:

Short oven : C04 C05 C08 C10 pour des supports 400×600 en entrée 400

Long oven : L04 L05 L08 L10 pour des supports 400×800 en entrée 400

Cross oven : T04 T05 pour des supports 600×400 en entrée 600

Puce rouge Note

Baking trays are ordered separately.

TopazeFastRackTopaze Fast Rack


TOPAZE FAST RACK© range inherits the quality and efficiency of baking from TOPAZE Style range. Their standard specification includes a steam injection system. They bake all breads and pastries perfectly.


The difference between the Topaze Fast Rack© range and the Topaze Style range lies in the fact that the ovens have been modified to accept the Fast Rack© quick loading system. Loading the convection oven at once (5 or 10 trays) is now possible, as in a classic rack oven. The FAST RACK© loading system is therefore ergonomical and increases productivity.


IMPORTANT : it is therefore impossible to use the Fast Rack© loading system on a Topaze Style convection oven.

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