Le TOPAZE Opéra est un four ventilé se décomposant en modèles allant de 4 à 10 niveaux. Il se pare de la façade Opéra, le nouveau design moderne et percutant de chez PAVAILLER en noir et blanc.

Topaze adopts the colours of OPERA

TOPAZE is the ultimate versatile convection oven : adapted to the production of viennoiseries, snacking, pastries and breads, the excellent air flow between the levels allows your products to develop fully and guarantees an even baking thoughout the whole baking
TOPAZE now dons the Opera look; the new modern and striking design from PAVAILLER. Elegant and easy to clean, this oven is part of a quality process focused on tomorrow’s trends and challenges.


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The TOPAZE Opera offers models from 4 levels (that can be adapted to 5 levels when baking pastries or other non voluminous products) to 10 levels, designed to bake respectively 20 and 50 baguettes. They receive baking trays or grids of size 400×600 mm (entry direction 400).

Puce rouge Ergonomics and ease of use:

• TOPAZE has been designed with a userfriendly height in order for the user to reach the upper tray with ease.
• The slide rails can be dismantled and make it possible to adjust the height of the trays for an easier access.
• The handle is a robust mechanical part that allows a flexible manipulation and guarantees a perfectly reliable locking.
• The handle becomes the starting point of the cycle : the timer starts as soon as the door closes.

Puce rouge An easy cleaning:

• The painted black and white front, as well as the silk-screen printed glass, are easy and quick to clean without difficulties with only a wet cloth.
• The Easy Touch control panel includes a cleaning mode : a long press on the icon disables the panel and allows its cleaning without any risk of triggering anything.
• The lower baking tray makes it possible to retrieve all the accumulated crumbs and residue.
• The interior glass door can be opened without any tools, allowing a deep cleaning and an easy access to the lighting located in the door.

Puce rouge A true oven for pastry chefs:
• Versatile, the TOPAZE Opera offers as an option a speed variator, as well as an electrical damper.
• Those two elements combined allow you to adapt the baking of your pastries and more delicate products such as macaroons or meringues, or very hydrated ones such an éclairs or chouquettes.
• The door integrates a tool that allows the entry of cooler air in order to boost the developement of products such as choux pastry.

Puce rouge Performance et precision:
• This baking oven has an insulation that guarantees an excellent energy efficiency, an effective steam injection, and many options
available to adapt the oven to your needs : a hood, a condenser or even a false case.
• The double glazing contributes to the good insulation of the oven and prevents from any risks of burning by reducing the surface temperature of the door.
• The TOPAZE Opéra is available on wheels, stand with slide rails or proofer, and can thus be adapted to any bakehouse’s configuration.

Easy Touch control panel

Puce rouge Commande Easy TouchA reliable and intuitive assistant:

A new modern and intuitive control panel for an easy management of the baking of your bread.

The visualisation is immediate and the navigation without complexity, with all the needed parameters at your fingertips to express your know-how at each batch.


Icone "livre de recette" commande Easy TouchThe Recipe Book contains 50 programs that allow you to save your baking parameters and access your favorite recipe in a split second. They can be programmed with 5 different temperature stages.
The Eco Mode allows you to lighten your electricity bills without penalizing the baking temperature or the quality of your bread. This energy management method allows you to make savings and prevents you from exceeding the consumption threshold.
In just one tap, you can increase the baking time and adapt to any conditions.


The Expert Mode gives you access to advanced visualisation programs in order to follow your energy consumption, the internal temperatures or the oven technical data.