The Rubis oven is a multipurpose oven that is also specialized thanks to its 3 modules:

- The Bakery module: Featuring a 13 mm deck made in refractory materials, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art steam generator. Well insulated and also energy efficient, it will allow you to bake all types of breads with perfect regularity

- The pastry module: Thanks to its spiked black steel base, this module is used to bake the most demanding, light or delicate pastry products: on a tray, or circled moulds. Steam can be added as an option.

- The pizza module: Tested and approved throughout its development by a French pizza-making champion, the pizza module allows you to bake thin or thick («teglia» style) dough on a special high temperature deck.

- Each floor is a real independent oven: Each level is a genuine independent oven: it has its own insulation, manual steam vent and regulation. This construction allows you to imagine subsequent add-ons through an easy and quick to install module.

- Versatile oven but specialist thanks to its different floors

- Customizable : Many options are available to adapt precisely your Rubis Neo oven to the current needs: hood, condenser with stainless steel casing, false case with slide rails, proofer with castors, integrated elevator / loader for bakery deck(s), steam device for pastry deck(s)…

The modular Rubis Neo oven is designed to make pastries, bread, pizza or for combined use (mixing and matching these three modules at your convenience). Compact, quick to install, Rubis Neo will find its place in your bakery or shop to help you diversify your range and face your daily challenges. 

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