This oven is your ally to achieve perfect baking of your most beautiful recipes in bakery and pastry, providing a very great flexibility of use. The cyclotherm exists in gas or oil oven.
Ovens from the CYCLOTHERMIC range are recycled air deck ovens. They have 720mm wide doors. Theyare equipped with an upper deck which is 50mm higher than the lower decks and an independent steam generation system for each deck. They are delivered in a standard version with a stainless steel hood without extractor,  a Dural belt loader and canvas and unassembled in the standard version.
Ovens from the CYCLOTHERMIC range are designed for use in baking and pastry-making. The air recycling system gives ovens from the CYCLOTHERMIC range an excellent baking quality and consistency, which makes them suitable for a wide range of uses. Ovens from the CYCLOTHERMIC range are available in a gas or fuel oil version.
Ovens from the CYCLOTHERMIC range come in 5 models depending on the number of decks and the number of doors per deck: X14 : 1 door by level / 4 levels X23 : 2 doors by level / 3 levels X24 : 2 doors by level / 4 levels X33 : 3 doors by level / 3 levels X34 : 3 doors by level / 4 levels The X14 – X23 – X24 models are available in 3 usable deck depths: X–F version = 1620 mm X–G version = 1970 mm X–C version = 2370 mm The X33 – X34 models are available in 2 usable deck depths: X–G version = 1970 mm X–C version = 2370 mm
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