MSM 33 certified distributor

Their slogan:
"Our business is making it easier for you."

Focus on the MSM 33 distributor

MSM, certified distributor, covers the Gironde and the north of the Landes. Specializing in the sale and repair of bakery - pastry equipment for over 25 years, they are true experts in Pavailler, CFI and Bertrand Puma equipment.

In fact, Hervé GARRIGOU, at the head of MSM since 2014 with Franck BAKOUCHE and Christelle MOLINES, had already been part of the great Pavailler Family for a long time, working as a salesman for Pavailler Sud-Ouest

The team

So, Hervé GARRIGOU is a real specialist of our equipment.

A know-how that he passes on to his 14 employees, from the technician to a sales department of 3 people, including the creation of layout plans directly in their offices.

Bakery equipment has no secrets for them, both on the technical side and on the level of baking processes.

"When I work, I always try to find the best solutions to make their daily lives easier! "

"Our goal is to accompany the customer from A to Z, by enlightening them on manufacturing processes, by giving ideas for presentation for those who are less knowledgeable, but also by presenting them with the products that are best suited to their know-how. When I work, I always try to find the best solutions to facilitate their daily life!"

The benefits of being a Pavailler certified

"I am convinced that these are the best ovens on the market. We have few problems once they are up and running, the factories are efficient, and there is that French know-how that ensures good quality equipment." 

You will also be able to find some of the equipment in their showroom, although Hervé and his team will prefer to take you to other customers, in order to show you in all transparency how the equipment works, and the opinions of other bakers.

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